About Us

Global Links Initiative is a non-profit organisation which aims to support positive and creative action on social inclusion and citizen empowerment worldwide. Using information technology as an enabler, Global Links Initiative aims to foster practical links among socially entrepreneurial people around the world as well as promoting partnership with government and business.

Encouraging 'people to people' links is the main objective of Global Links Initiative.

GLI facilitates learning and the exchange and sharing of practical knowledge and experience focusing on what really works in community regeneration between individuals worldwide. GLI also encourages civil society organisations to strengthen their capacity to deliver and promotes good practice in relationships with other sectors, including government.

GLI invites people with energy, creativity and compassion working in or with the social sector to register on the UnLtdWorld website as Global Networkers.

GLI orchestrates face-to-face exchange programmes. Group visits to and from the UK, China and Japan have taken place drawing on our expertise and global network contacts. Key GLI personnel have also visited grass roots projects in the UK, China, Japan and India.

GLI seeks to promote effective business engagement with the social sector and has established a Business Partnership China Initiative specifically aimed at assessing companies' giving programmes and objectives in China.

GLI's focus is on practical and deliverable action, but we also undertake research and contribute to research programmes, seminars and conferences where appropriate.

GLI Goals - GLI aims to:

* Promote people-to-people links and to lead and facilitate joint projects dealing with common social issues, bringing people together as well as developing IT as a tool for the effective exchange of ideas and experience.

* Raise awareness of citizens as well as NPOs/CSOs to strengthen civil society and make it effective and responsible.

* Explore jointly new ways of tackling problems of social exclusion in practical and non-bureaucratic ways.

* Raise the awareness among corporates as to the needs of NPOs/CSOs and the opportunities for business to relate more effectively to the communities in which they or their customers are based.

Global Links Initiative is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No. 5176983 and a registered charity No. 1110013. Our registered office is at 22 Old Millmeads, Horsham, RH12 2LZ, UK.